Automate Application Releases and Deployments

Using UrbanCode you can reduce errors while speeding up application delivery. Track every stage of the deployment delivery process with this management tool.

Continuous Delivery

Integrate with build and test tools to automatically deploy, test and promote new builds.

Production Deployments

Orchestrate a complex production deployments of applications and configuration.


Incremental Updates

Deploy only the changes components or missing incremental (patch) versions.


Between UrbanCode Deploy and UrbanCode Release, the automated deployment of software across multiple environments (Dev – Test – Staging – Production) can not only be fully automated, but can be managed, tracked, reported on and fully integrated with your environment.

  • Deployment Through Production
  • Automated Deployments
  • Change Visibility
  • Middleware Integration
  • Release Planning / Tracking
  • Plans and Templates
  • Impact Analysis

IBM's UrbanCode simplifies multiple-application releases!

Learn More about Tokens

Use the IBM Rational Tokens to purchase only the tools you need for each stage of development. When you're finished with that tool, return the license and receive your tokens back to spend on the next tool you need. The IBM Rational Token model is purchased on an annual basis, so you get the latest versions of tools you need when you need them.

Easy Process Designer

Deployment automation tools need to know how to deploy your applications. In UrbanCode Deploy, processes are defined in browser using a simple, drag and drop process designer. Component processes are composed of automation steps delivered by integration plugins. Application processes are composed of Component processes. Steps may be run in sequence or in parallel. Transitions between steps are governed by rules. Typically, “Go this way on success, or that way on failure.”The designer makes it easy to translate a cryptic manual process into an easy to understand automated flow.

Scalable Distributed Automation

UrbanCode Deploy is built to support mission-critical deployments to thousands of servers in numerous data centers. Master server clustering support provides high availability and horizontal scalability of the deployment automation tool. UrbanCode Deploy uses light-weight deployments agents which provide an immediate presence on or near the target. Remote agents can be proxied through an Agent Relay to manage load and simplify firewall management.

Quality Gates and Approvals

For some environments, deployments may not be allowed until some conditions are met. Perhaps the versions being deployed must have passed tests or received a blessing from a team. Or the time and date of the deployment must be approved by several people. UrbanCode Deploy provides Environment Quality Gates as well as Approval Processes to help you ensure that only the right stuff goes out at the right time. Because these rules are set per application and per environment, early test environments are likely to be setup to not require approvals.

Multi-Application Continuous Delivery

Business changes often span multiple Applications that need to be released together. Sometimes the relationship between Applications is limited to a single release. Other times a suite of related Applications are often released together. UrbanCode Release allows you to easy capture these relationships and plan releases spanning multiple applications and setup automatic promotion rules to speed changes through the pipeline.

Deployment Plans and Templates

Planning the release day can be a great deal of work. Release Managers need to bring together expertise from multiple application teams, testers and operations. Worse, it is easy lose track of lessons learned in previous releases and deployments to lower environments. UrbanCode Release is designed to make the creation of a deployment plans an easier, collaborative experience. Simple plans used in lower environments can be easily annotated to capture lessons learned which are automatically suggested for incorporation in the production plan..

Federated Release Dashboard

When a major release event requires coordinating sub-releases of several groups of applications each run by their own teams, the Federated Release Dashboard provides an overview of the progress across releases.

Ready to implement Urban Code?

We can help get you started with Urban Code.  From, procurement, deployment, migration, to training TechRev will be with you every step of the way.  If you're ready to get started, we're ready to help.

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