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Links Grid For RTC (Rational Team Concert)

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Love Links but hate clicking them?

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The data you want, when and where you want it

links grid for rtc details

Quickly View

Links Grid for RTC allows you to see the vital information you need for multiple work items while avoiding the extra steps of hovering, navigating or querying.

links grid for RTC view


Use Links Grid instead of (or with) the standard Links display. Expand the functionality of the Links view while maintaining the RTC look and feel.

rational team concert links grid view

Feature Rich

Easily see icons for relevant attributes, add links, and remove multiple links simultaneously! You can even modify the column order to customize it to your needs.

rational team concert links grid details


Configure Links Grid to show the attributes you want, in the order you want, filtered by Link Type and Work Item Type.

Use Links Grid for RTC to Streamline Your Workflow

Once you use it, you won't want to return to the standard Links view.

without rational team concert links grid


Standard RTC Configuration



With Links Grid installed.

with rational team concert links grid logo

If you need help with the registration and installation process, follow the steps in this video! If you need additional assistance when configuring the extension, be sure to check out our support documentation that is available with your free account.

Try Links Grid Yourself

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Links Grid will revolutionize your experience with RTC.  Since it is a professionally designed extension, you can confidently use it in all of your production environments.

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