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TechRev is a rapidly-growing, dynamic software and services company that has a reputation for delivering exceptional quality with the highest integrity for our customers. Our team consists of innovative, forward-thinking individuals who consistently take personal pride in providing customers with measurable results. That pride leads to a close, professional partnership-like relationship with all customers. Building customer trust and confidence through open lines of communication is a top priority at TechRev.

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Cloud technologies are no longer bleeding edge, a novelty, or even optional. Leveraging cloud technologies on public, private, or hybrid clouds is essential to successful modern systems. We combine innovative cloud technologies with security to respond to and scale at the SPEED of MISSION.

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DevOps, DecSecOps, whatever you call it, TechRev takes care of everything from development to operations, SECURELY! We work to keep you secure and compliant while allowing you to update your system and respond at the SPEED of MISSION.

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IBM Consulting

As a Preferred IBM Services provider, we specialize in Cloud, DevOps, and Rational technologies. Whether we are working with you directly, interfacing between you and IBM, or delivering services on behalf of IBM, TechRev's goal is to see you succeed.

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Jama Software

As a preferred Jama Software® services provider, we specialize in installation, configuration, hosting, managed services, migrations, and consulting services. Whether we are working with you directly or interfacing between you and Jama Software, TechRev's goal is to see you succeed.

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Software Engineering

From simple web applications to complex 24x7 mission critical systems, TechRev can help you with each part of the process. We use Agile processes and innovative techniques to deliver working software that actually meets the requirements at the SPEED of MISSION.

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Systems Engineering

As technology and systems evolve, so do good systems engineering practices. TechRev applies modern and innovative approaches to the tried and true systems engineering processes. In doing so, we enable a more Agile approach for simple and complex systems.

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