Software Engineering

Our custom software development team transforms your vision into a high-performing, secure application tailored to your unique needs. TechRev recognizes that each customer is different. While we have common principles and techniques used across the vast majority of our software engineering customers, we customize our approach to meet your needs.

We use Agile and DevOps processes, leverage modern technologies and have experienced in projects of all sizes. So whether you have a simple web app or a million + lines of a code system that is out-of-this-world, let us work with you to get your software engineering project off the ground.

Development Done Right

Web Apps

The web is no longer just a hub for static websites. Today, web apps can accomplish almost anything. By leveraging modern web frameworks such as React and Angular, to name a couple, we can build secure, fast, and scalable web apps to solve any problem.

Cloud Native

With a few exceptions, most development should be completed with cloud native technologies. By leveraging cloud native technologies, you can accelerate development, scale infinitely (well, there is a limit), and reduce your costs.


Whether its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Micro-Services, Serverless Services (or functions), or the next new thing, services are essential. Designing and implementing services properly is key to a successful system.

Multi-Domain Development

If you're a government agency, you probably have to plan for and adjust to the realities and limitations of a multi-domain environment. We have experience working in these environments, along with processes and security guidelines in place to navigate and excel at software engineering in multi-domain environments efficiently.


Containerization is here, widespread, and pretty awesome! Whether you are working with Docker, Kubernetes, or other container technologies, TechRev can help you navigate the world of containers, their orchestration, security, and oddities.

Custom Development

With software engineering, almost anything is possible. That said, we couldn't possibly list everything our team can accomplish on this webpage. If you require a custom project or assistance with software engineering, please contact us (below). Are you ready to see how TechRev can help you innovate your path forward?

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