Cloud-based solutions enable organizations to optimize costs, enhance time-to-market, and create flexibility in IT operations. Our process includes analyzing needs, designing solutions, implementing an infrastructure, migrating data, and monitoring the infrastructure. Getting started with cloud applications or deployments can be a daunting endeavor.

Thankfully, TechRev is fully equipped to make any cloud task a success. We offer modernized cloud-based solutions appropriate for any industry. TechRev proudly offers a full complement of cloud solutions that provide an enhanced user experience and heightened security. Whether you're planning a cloud migration or setting up your first cloud environment, we can help!

Cloud Options

Public Cloud

Public clouds are the most common cloud environments and are typically referred to when discussing "the cloud."

TechRev has experience with all four (4) of the major public cloud vendors.

  • Amazon Web Service (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • IBM Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure

Government Cloud

Secure government clouds are starting to become more commonplace. These clouds are similar to their public cloud counterparts. Still, they often exist on physically separated hardware and require the extra security controls necessary to comply with appropriate government standards and certifications, such as FedRAMP, FISMA, ITAR, NIST, STIG, and RMF — to name a few.

TechRev has experience with all four (4) of the major government cloud vendors.

  • Amazon Web Service (AWS) GovCloud - FedRAMP High & IL 4/5
  • Microsoft Azure Government Cloud Computing (GCC) - FedRAMP High & IL4/5
  • IBM Cloud - FedRAMP High & IL 2 (IL 4 in progress)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - FedRAMP Moderate

Private Cloud

Often large enterprises or government agencies need a dedicated and fully private cloud. While some may argue this isn't truly a "cloud," the same technologies and advantages of a public cloud are achieved with a private cloud if done correctly. Private clouds can connect to the internet and other government networks. With that, private clouds can also be completely disconnected.

TechRev has experience working with private clouds in both connected and disconnected environments.

Hybrid Cloud

Reality rarely allows a single cloud solution. Fortunately, multiple cloud options can be combined to leverage their unique strengths and create the best hybrid cloud for your needs. Knowing the advantages of different clouds and how to combine them is key to a successful hybrid solution.

Managed Cloud

Clouds can both simplify and complicate traditional IT and security. It can be cumbersome for an organization to manage, especially when there is limited experience in the cloud, or you'd rather focus your energy and resources on your business.

TechRev has the experience to manage the cloud for you. Whether public, government, private, or a hybrid, let us help you plan, implement, migrate, and manage your cloud.

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