Systems Engineering

TechRev takes a slightly different and innovative approach to systems engineering. We believe that every project, large or small, should have some form of systems engineering applied to it. For small projects, this could be merely thinking through steps and writing a README file, while larger projects could require a full-scale systems engineering team.

So, regardless of your project size, let us help you achieve project success through our innovative and passionate engineers.

Innovative Engineering


Requirements are the lifeblood of systems engineering. Requirements take a variety of forms, such as traditional SHALL statements to more Agile user stories and use cases. Regardless of the structure, requirements form the basis of what a system will be.

Our business requirements analysis projects include requirements elicitation, analysis, and management.


Architecture is often overlooked or deemed unnecessary for anything except substantially large systems. While that belief holds slight truth, completing an appropriate amount of systems architecture as part of the engineering process is worthwhile.

Establishing the architecture or at least architectural principles to follow early in the process will guide later design decisions and lead to a more thoughtful and cohesive system.


Design is essential and spans a wide range of activities and scope. Whether you are sketching back-of-the-napkin designs or creating fully automated model-based designs, design elements are crucial.

Having an accurate, well documented, and adhered design is critical to guide the implementation.


Implementation, development, coding, or whatever you choose to call it, tends to cross people's minds when mentioning systems engineering. With that, implementation is arguably the largest and most significant aspect of systems engineering. A quality implementation team will create remarkable design while simultaneously flagging and fixing issues with a poor design.

TechRev leverages modern and effective development practices and tools to accomplish the best implementation possible.


With many programs, testing can be an afterthought or not timely addressed. At TechRev, testing is an integral aspect of our team and planning process from the start; a good requirement is a testable requirement.

With that, TechRev pushes testing to be as automated and comprehensive as possible. Meaning, we look at unit testing, integration testing, API testing, user behavior testing, security testing, and of course, load/performance testing.


A successful operating system is the goal of every systems engineering project. However, in many situations, system operation and maintenance plans are never prioritized.

Operations are at the forefront of TechRev's approach throughout the entire systems engineering process. If something isn't beneficial for operations, it shouldn't be part of the system.

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