What do the words Hello World mean to you? For all the engineers out there, it is a simple introductory program that illustrates how to use a programming language in the simplest terms. For the social people out there (I probably don’t fall into this category), it is how you interact with the world around you whether that’s with social media, podcasts, video hosting sites or any number of other venues (I think people still verbally talk to each other too). And for others, it is simply the feeling of waking up each and every morning and getting ready to take on the day.

Regardless of which group you fall into, the commonality among all the groups is that the words Hello World represent an introduction, a greeting, something that is changing or getting ready to happen. Hello World is a new experience that you are getting ready to embark upon.

Over the last 3 years, I have had the pleasure and awesome responsibility of founding and starting a small company. It really has been fun and a huge learning experience these past 3 years, however, it has also been a huge responsibility (I didn’t really plan on that part). Naturally, I was motivated to succeed because I knew I was responsible for providing for my family. Something changed though as I started taking on projects, I soon started to feel a responsibility to my customer as well as to my family. This feeling of responsibility to my customer helped to drive each project to be completed successfully, and more often than not, with glowing reviews. Each successful project led to another and they started growing in size and quantity until eventually, they were more than I could handle by myself.

At this time, I decided to start looking for some help. Little did I know the decision to start looking for some help would lead down a road where I now have a dozen employees working with me. You should understand, I never set out to be a business owner and manager, but now that it has happened, for the sake of my family, my employees, and my customers, I refuse to be a business owner or manager. What I mean by that is I refuse to be a business owner that makes decisions to better the business, instead, my focus is on the impact my decisions make on the families and customers that TechRev now represents. By making family, employees and customers the priority, I don’t have to worry about what is “best” for business, they are my business and they are what is best. With that, I don’t plan on managing my employees, instead, I welcome them into their new job as a new family member, and treat them as adults who can manage themselves. As such, employees are free to achieve and outperform above and beyond what I could ever attempt to manage. And as you might have guessed, this leads to very successful projects and satisfied customers that look forward to seeing and talking with us as much as they look forward to the work we are doing.

TechRev is not just a company I built, it is a family of people working together, helping our customers be successful and having a great time doing it. As we launch this new website, we know it is only the start of something bigger. Be on the lookout and provide feedback as to what you would like to see as we continue to add additional content, a member’s area, and who knows what else. So for all of TechRev, Hello World!

Mike Ballard

President & Founder
Posted On:
June 1, 2016
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