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RQM is a 100% web-based tool that is perfect for creating, managing and tracking Test Plans, Test Cases, Execution Results. Traceability to the original requirements and development activities as well as multi-faceted reporting and dashboards make RQM a rational choice for any project.


Fault analysis and reporting



Test execution progress



With other Rational products


With RQM, you can exceed testing expectations in development, planning, and execution, all while using the built-in reporting tools.

  • Collaborative Agile Testing
  • Reporting Tools
  • Plan > Develop > Execute > Report
  • Systems Verification Testing
  • Requirements Driven Testing
  • Rational DOORS Next Generation Integration

IBM's Rational Quality Manager keeps you on schedule and quality driven!

Learn More about Tokens

Use the IBM Rational Tokens to purchase only the tools you need for each stage of development. When you're finished with that tool, return the license and receive your tokens back to spend on the next tool you need. The IBM Rational Token model is purchased on an annual basis, so you get the latest versions of tools you need when you need them.

Comprehensive Test Plans

Test plans in Rational Quality Manager are customizable live artifacts that capture the test process, strategy, and responsibilities, the test schedule, the quality goals, the entry and exit criteria, a set of test suites and test cases, and any other dimension of the testing activities. They can be linked to the requirements and development items to enable full traceability.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Rational Quality Manager can improve the productivity of your teams and the quality of the work they produce by allowing each team to teach the tool its best practices. Rational Team Concert helps you meet regulatory requirements and get ready for compliance audits.

Purposeful Reporting

Always have a real-time accurate status without having to ping each and every team members. Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of test artifacts, work item queries, event feeds, reports, and other items that are critical to understanding your progress. Reports provide both real-time views and historical trends of test cases, test executions, defects, and other artifacts that your team works with.

Easily Manage Resources

Track all your lab resources in one place and make sure the required resources to execute your test plan are available. Request new configurations to be deployed and reserve critical resources ahead of time. Identify underutilized resources and high demand assets.

Rational Integration

Rational Quality Manager integrates with requirement management tools such as Rational Requirements Composer or Rational DOORS, and support requirement driven testing. You can link your test plan to a collection of requirements streamlining the process of keeping test cases in sync with requirements as they evolve.

Ready to implement RQM?

We can help get you started with RQM.  From, procurement, deployment, migration, to training TechRev will be with you every step of the way.  If you're ready to get started, we're ready to help.

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